TIAM Review: Oil Control without missing moisture!

These days really the only time that I break out is when I’m getting that lovely surge of hormones once a month. However I do have issues with shininess and over oil production in my T-zone like a lot of other people do of course. While I’d like to keep the oils and the moisture on the other areas of my face, the T-zone is definitely something that I’ve continually looked for a product to control. Something to possibly even shrink (or temporarily tighten) my pores and help to keep them cleaned out a bit more.

TIAM‘s My Little Pore Fix Source Serum and No Sebum Cream has been excellent for this! Actually I’ve been using them on and off for the past few months as needed. Particularly when I’m having a lot of breakouts and overproduction of oil. With ingredients like Tannen from chestnut to extracts of Canalbumin from egg shells. These ingredients help with elasticity as well as an 8 complex fruit extract blend to help moisturize and nourish the skin while also keeping it at minimum levels of oil production.

My Little Pore Fix Source

Key ingredients:

*Seseflash- Improves elasticity and texture of the skin

*Kaolin Bentonite- Absorbs excess sebum

*Conalbumin- improves elasticity
The serum has a very cooling effect and a lovely spearmint type scent which I’m a particularly big sucker for. The bottle is of course beautiful and clean with a simple but effective squeeze dropper. There is a baby blue cool tone to the serum as well as the outside packaging being very pleasing to the eye. The serum itself glides on easily and quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving any sticky residue.


My Little Pore No Sebum Cream

Key ingredients:

*8 Berry Complex- nourishing/antiaging

*Panthenol/Betaine-  Moisturizing while reinforcing skin’s barrier

*Silica-  Absorbs excess oil

*Zinc Oxide- Calming while reinforcing skin’s natural barrier.
I follow this up with the No Sebum Cream which normally I have to admit I’m not a big fan of creams. I will usually opt to skip this step altogether or just leave it to the eye area. I prefer an essence a serum and ampoule followed by one of my favorite facial oils but I do generally skip the cream as I feel like it doesn’t absorb as well. However, the No Sebum Cream along with its cooling refreshing spearmint cent does not feel heavy at all on my skin and doesn’t create any further breakouts and actually helps to calm the skin. My face feels completely balanced although not altogether free of oil, it’s more that it evens things out and reduces the excess oil. If I have any active breakouts I will usually follow the No Sebum Cream with a Hydra colloidal patch on any inflamed areas and continue with a foundation particularly formulated to help calm irritated skin and heal delicate areas. I’ve become a pretty big fan of these 2 items I will most definitely repurchase the My Little Pore Fix Source Serum!

20171216_095041-01 I’ll admit that though I really like both of the masks from TIAM, I can’t necessarily tell a difference between their effects. Both do well to clean out and minimize pores but, both seem equally as gentle. Im a pretty big fan of the Elizzaveca’s Bubble pack usually but these are a great option. They dont seem to bubble up as much but, they have very similar effects. If I had to choose I would probably go with the pink bubble pack since it has the added Calamine and so many other products contain charcoal.

Sebum Drying Black Bubble Pack

Key ingredients:

*Charcoal- Absorbs impurities in the skin

*Kaolin Bentonite- Absorbs excess sebum

*Albumin- Pore tightening effect

*Allantoin- Calming while reinforcing skin’s natural barrier.

Sebum Drying Pink Bubble Pack

Key ingredients:

*Calamine-  Calms while purifying

*Centella Asiatica extract- Calms skin irritation while balancing oils and helping to heal.

*Kaolin Bentonite- Absorbs excess sebum

*Tea Tree Leaf water- Antibacterial and soothing to acne prone skin







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