Urban Decay Naked Skin Glow Cushion launch!!


Urban Decay launched their very first cushion in Olive Young! The Urban Decay Naked Skin Glow Cushion features some lovely ingredients such as rose extract, Gentian root extract, and peppermint extract.  These ingredients help to not only keep the skin moisturized throughout the day but also are said to add elasticity, firmness, as well as tone. Urban Decay claims the cushion’s formula provides hydration that supposedly lasts up to 18 hours!

I was excited to finally get a chance to run down to the newly opened, four story Olive Young in Gangnam to see if this cushion was worth the hype.

The cushion runs around ₩29,000 and refills are just ₩10,000 so after the initial cost it’s not too bad a deal.  The compact itself is absolutely gorgeous with a metallic lavender case and holographic lid.


I was immediately pleased with the color, it perfectly matched my skin tone and covered imperfections fairly easily. The cushion pad itself was different from others Id seen. I’d have to say it was it something like a honeycomb, a tougher type cushion material that leaves room for larger pockets of foundation as well as a netting over the cushion for improved sanitation. It reminds me of corrugated cardboard… is that weird?


…So back to the feel of the foundation. My first try I let the cushion and the setting spray do all the work. Sadly, I found myself much too oily by the end of the day.   Second time around I covered all the imperfections and dark circles fairly easily, set it with powder, and sealed it with the setting spray. I wore it throughout the day and I was really pleased to see that after a full day’s wear, it didn’t oxidize at all! I was so thrilled to see it didn’t change to a darker shade or adopt an orangey hue like so many foundations do on my skin.


However, even with powder and setting spray it still got a little shiny for my taste several hours into the day. I’m still really pleased with this cushion and the foundation formula feels pretty amazing on the skin. I will definitely see how it does with continued applications.



The close up of my skin shows how it looked by the end of the day which is a common problem for me because I have dry skin that foundation tends to cling to dry spots after moisture evaporates.


The cushion comes in 6 different shades all of which are fairly light but I’m hoping that when the cushion debuts in the US will have a better variety of shades.


Over all this cushion formula trumped most other cushions I’ve tried and it’s definitely upped the game as far as foundations go. No word yet when this cushion will drop in the US. I’m hoping it’s soon so friends and family can pick up their own without too long a wait!

📣 Are you excited about the new cushion from Urban Decay?  Do you have a favorite cushion compact already?  Have a product or cosmetic you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments below.💋



5 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Skin Glow Cushion launch!!

  1. I love the packaging on that – so happy to read your review! I have their all nighter foundation on the way and going to be reviewing it on my Insta (huge fan of the all nighter setting spray so I’m excited)!

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