Micro-needling in Korea

So recently I decided to try RF microneedling. Microneedling ,if you haven’t heard about it, is a process where tiny needles are pricked into the skin on a subdermal level to stimulate collagen production and enhance elasticity in the skin as well as reduce scarring from acne or other forms of scars.

RF microneedling takes it a step further with needles heated by radio frequency to further accelerate the healing process and production of collagen.

I recently had the opportunity to have this done and the area I chose was underneath my eyes since that’s the skin that is the thinnest and for me is showing the earliest signs of any aging.

Here in Korea, medical tourism is a huge industry! There are so many options and an abundance of clinics and hospitals that offer every procedure you can imagine.  Before I thought of undergoing anything too extreme I decided I quite liked the idea of the RF microneedling because it had minimal downtime and had a high success rate.

Generally, I don’t have too many skin aging issues just yet but, I do believe in small procedures early on and skin care started as early as possible. Myself, I started wearing make up and using anti aging skin care when I was between 11 and 13 years old. I’ve always been an avid sunscreen wearer and that truly is to me, the first step of any skin care routine and the most paramount of any anti-aging skin care routine. I cannot advocate sun screen enough! I even now days go a step further and will usually carry a parasol or umbrella around with me. While living in Texas, I felt a little embarrassed about this because no one would be caught dead using an umbrella or parasol even in the hottest/sunniest summer days. Here in Seoul however,  no one bats an eye lash. You’ll often see Korean women sporting all kinds of cute decorative parasols so I feel right at home here.

I had the opportunity to try out this procedure courtesy East Meets West Inc. and Seoul Cosmetic Surgery.


So first off they applied a numbing cream under my eye area right up to the edge of my lashes all the way out beyond my cheekbones just to be safe. Also because during this procedure, the doctor would be pulling my eye skin down on to my cheek bones and orbital bones to safely administer the heated needles and not injure my delicate eye area. The bone underneath gives the support needed to apply the pressure and precise application of these needles. After about 20 to 30 minutes of having the numbing cream under my eyes with plastic wrap over the top to keep it moist, the cream was wiped off. I was laid back down on a table and told to relax and tilt my head slightly to one side. With the numbing cream there really wasn’t any pain but with the amount of pressure and strength the doctor had to use to pull my eye skin down on to my upper cheekbones was a bit intense, it didn’t necessarily hurt it was just a strange feeling as if someone was on top of you pushing your head down with a lot of strength.  Though it was uncomfortable It didn’t last more than about 30 minutes or so, pretty quick for a procedure. I couldn’t really say how many needle pricks were administered but there were multiple tiny pink dots all throughout my under eye area spanning out past the crow’s feet area and on to my cheekbone slightly.


Hydrocolloid bandages were placed underneath my eyes on top of the area treated. These only had to stay on one day. I slept in them and I really didn’t find any discomfort from them at all, I almost forgot they were there.

The next morning I was able to delicately peel them off and cleanse the area with my favorite oil cleanser.


For the first few days, the area was puffy and swollen but I was able to apply some concealer and cover the area nicely with color correcting creams in yellow, peach, and mint. I chose for the first 2 weeks after this procedure to try out the Dr. Jart Cicapair Green Solutions line because I knew it was filled with Centella Asiatica, an ingredient well known in Asia for its calming and rejuvenating properties and widely used in Korean skin care. I definitely needed some color correcting concealer help the first few days though in addition. The area was delicate and sensitive so as for make up I really didn’t want to use any full on base or foundation. I chose the Dr. Jart Cicapair Re-cover Cream because it already had a slight minty tint to color correct pink and red areas. It was also extremely gentle and even lighter then your typical BB cream so it made my skin feel much more comfortable during these first few sensitive days.

It’s been about a month now and the area is totally healed of course though there are still some residual tiny pink dots left mostly on the outer corners where more intense pressure was used. When I touch my under eye area it’s also still ever so slightly tender to the touch but not bothersome in any way. After researching on-line, of course I know that the ultimate and final results won’t be achieved for another several months but for now my under eye area is back to normal and there are no adverse effects.  I look forward to the final results in due time and I’m very happy that I underwent this procedure. I have no regrets and I definitely look forward to more experimenting with light-handed, non-extreme procedures such as this. Big thanks to East Meets West inc. and  Seoul Cosmetic Surgery for this opportunity.

🔶Have you had microneedling done? What was your experience like? What non-invasive procedures would you be interested in seeing on my blog in the future?

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