Chosungah Beauty!

Opened just a few days before Christmas in the well established K-beauty shopping center of Seoul, Myeong-dong, Chosungah Beauty is the brick and mortar store featuring brands  Chosungah22, 16Brand, and Wonderbath. Makeup artist to the stars, Cho Sung Ah is founder of Chosungah22 and 16Brand as well as curator to up and coming brand WonderBath.  Cho Sung Ah’s career spans over 25 years and she is credited for much of the K-beauty trends we love today. Chosungah products launched in Sephora last year with rave reviews. With tons of neon, big graffic lettering, and cute girls in bubblegum pink coats ushering you inside…it’s hard to resist.


Inside a vast array of colorful products, neon industrial piping, and huge screens flashing images of the latest beauty trends and tutorials.  The displays of products and interesting spaces full of sensory inviting activities fill the two-story shop from end to end.  Besides the products, the first floor features a well lit row of vanity mirrors for testing out makeup to your heart’s content and  a section of its own for WonderBath products.


Taking a note from the pages of LUSH stores, the Wonderbath section has a center wash basin with multiple spouts and sales people on hand to massage any and each product onto your hands while explaining ingredients list and giving recommendations.


All the smells in the WonderBath area are lovely and currently there’s a sale deal pack of the Skin Tuning Recipe facial pads and the 100 PPURY Shampoo. I went ahead and grabbed both to test out. So far the Skin Tuning Recipe pads are amazing exfoliators that cleanse away all dry, rough skin while moisturing and leaving my skin feeling and looking dewy.

The 100 PPURY Shampoo is actually why I snatched this deal up…it smelled so minty and filled with essential oils, I had to try it.(more review on that later)

The second floor features many of the same products but also has a unique, 2-dimensional playground of cut-out images…perfect for selfies!

After nearly 2 hours perusing the isles of goodies, I made my selections and here are some of my fave finds and the spoils of my adventure.

Most cosmetic brands here in Korea offer only lipsticks and lip liquids in various shades of orange, pink, and red.  I was thrilled to see the color variety in 16Brand’s ColorRulez lip liquids.  Ultra creamy, moisturizing formulas that pop with intensity and smell like sweet confectionery treats! My personal favorite shades are “Raspberry Latte” and “Milk Marsala”, both of which I have been using as the center lip color on top and blended with my Colour Pop lip liquids since they are always a bit drying.




I’m not usually a fan of lip stains since most I’ve tried leave my lips dry and the color seems to stain unevenly.  16Brand’s “Pink-ade” below is the perfect blendable stain with what is arguably the prettiest gold glitter filled moisturizing lip balm on the opposite end.  This is the perfect lipstain to experiment with the ombre lip trend so prevelent here in Korea.

Directions to store:

Bus: From Seoul Station bus terminal take buses 151 or 162 to Lotte Department Store stop. Get off and immediately look to your left. Walk only a few yards and you will see a Watsons, Dashing Diva nail supplies, and finally Chosungah Beauty store.

Address:  88-1, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

Subway route 1: Light blue subway  line 4, Myeong-dong station exit 5



Subway route 2: Green line2, Eujiro-1station,exit 6







Walk out myeongdong underground shopping center exit 14 (you’ll see a ZARA right on the corner). You’ll almost immediately come across a Starbucks on your left (you know you need a Chai Tea Latte…) and just continue straight to Chosungah Beauty store.

PLUS: Find some fabulous nails supplies just a few yards down at Dashing Diva!


All images ©sumomosuki unless otherwise stated.

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