Halloween makeup on a budget!

Halloween makeup that doesn’t take an entire cabinet of products to achieve!  A few simple products you already have in your drawers or purse can give you an amazing look for the night of tricks and treats.

Look 1: Butterfly Rhinestone Skullskull4halloween

This look’s base was Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in “Pop Star”, Physicians Formula Eye Booster Felt Tip Liner in “Ultra Black”,  and Etude House Mascara  Oh M’Eye Lash in “black”.  (Rhinestones adhered with lash glue.)

1.Carefully sketch out your skull outline and teeth with felt tip liner.

2.fill in skull hollows with mascara and small paint brush.

3.Fill in bone spaces with white linder and use felt tip liner to achieve slight gradation for dimension.

4. Finish with lash glue and rhinestones.


Look 2: Fox Spirit(Kabuki Makeup)sparklefox3small


This look was achieved with look ATME Soft Matte Lip Mousse in “Love Chain”,Etude House Twin Shot Lip Tint  in “lady/red shot”, Prestige Liquid Liner in “Pop Star”, and drugstore liquid black liner(unknown brand).

  1. Choose a pale cool-toned foundation( I used Skin79 Triple Function BB Balm in “green” formula.
  2. Carefully draw outline of red section and fill in with lip mousse(the texture dries to a slight powdery feel so it is easily blended to fade into foundation base and create gradation at bottom.)
  3. Line and fill in lips with only red shot end of Twin Shot lip tint
  4. Etch in overly angled brows and line entire eye with black liquid linder.


Happy Halloween!

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