LaF: Skin 7 Solutions Ampoules

LaF Skin 7 Solutions

If you haven’t already heard of korean ampoules you must be under a rock somewhere because a multi-step skin regimen just isn’t complete without them. Ampoules are basically nutrient filled powerhouses that come to the rescue when your skin is in need. Filled with active ingredients that have intensely hydrating properties and the ability to totally turn your skin around!  Ampoules are a staple in Korean beauty and being lucky enough to live in the epicenter of the trend, I’ve tried more than a few. I came across Laf’s 7 Solutions series about 6 months ago and am still going strong on these! Each in the series addresses a specific skin issue and is adorned with its own Adventure Time character. Adventure Time….if you’re not a fan, you might need to just google “Adventure Time waterdrop”.

Ive tried all 7 solutions and of those,  4 stand out above the rest. Of these 4, the Oil Drop Ampoule is by far one of the most amazing  ampoules Ive ever used! You can literally pry this out of my cold dead hands because I’m never giving it up.  Boasting such moisturizing and anti-aging  ingredients such as caviar, honey, and royal jelly. It also lists Aquaxyl(said to prevent moisture loss and form a shield  of hydration over the skin). It also happens to smell AMAZING! It has a light honey scent and the royal jelly gives it an additionally sweet but, clean and natural aroma.(hard to find in many Korean skincare products!)

Next is the Firming Ampoule formulated with volufiline, vitamins E and C, citrus aurantium dulcis(orange) fruit extract.  Helps to firm the skin and improve elasticity.

The Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule  contains adenosine, niacinamide, and pearl extract.  Formulated to improve elasticity and create clearer/brighter skin.

The Water Bomb Ampoule contains sodium hyaluronate to plump/absorb moisture from the air and aloe vera leaf extract to soothe.

I’ve been using these 3 every other day after showers when my skin is most able to soak things up.  I’ve also used under makeup on days I’ve felt my skin needs extra TLC.

My skin has completely changed since I started using Korean skincare products and I credit these as some of the most momentous of the products I use.

WHERE: I picked mine up at my local Watsons beauty/health store.  For those of you outside of Korea, you can order yours from koreadepart or from Amazon

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