K-Beauty BB Creams: Skin79 color series

Skin 79 BeBlesh Balm “Bronze”…finally a shade for darker tones!!

If you follow my IG feed you’ll know my favoritie foundation thus far in my K-beauty adventures is Skin 79 BeBlesh Balm. It comes in an array of formula’s all color coded and assigned various common skin issues.  After last weekend’s foray into Myeong-dong’s massive shopping district, I paid a visit to their local Skin 79 store.  I was pleasantly surprised by their newest addition to the BB Balm family, “Bronze”, formulated for darker skin tones but with same anti-wrinkle/moisturing effects. Being a pasty gal myself, I enlisted my lovely model Bronwyn to show off the balm with a 40’s style vibe for photoshoot.


Skin 79 “Bronze” BB Balm

The balm had a lovely moisturizing effect with a light dewey sheen and excellent coverage.  The balm worked well for Bronwyn here but, darker complexions may come  out a little too pink or grey looking with this formula. South Korea doesnt usually offer much diversity in foundation shades yet but, I’m crossing my fingers with more of an American following, brands here will begin to formulate for more complexion varieties soon! For now, Skin79’s Bronze BB Triple Function Balm is a great pick for medium to tan skintones.

Where to buy: Skin79 North American site  for those of you outside Korea….. If you’re lucky enough to be in the central Seoul area, you can pick up one of Skin79’s color formulas at your local Watsons beauty/health store or at the Myeong-dong Skin 79 store.

Formula swatches


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